About us


The staff of the company started to form at the end of the last century.
We began with a soft toy, produced under the brand REWARD TOYS ™.
Under this brand hundreds of product items have been released.
The heroes of TV programs and cartoons «Good night, kids!», «Cheburashka», «Funtik», «Leopold», «Squirrel and Strelka» came into life as a modern soft toy through our efforts.

By request of BOSCO SPORT Company, we manufactured Cheburashka toys for the Olympics in Athens (2004), Turin (2006), Beijing (2008), Vancouver (2010).



In 2000 it was decided to reorient the company to develop and produce educational aids for children. Products with ZNATOC logo have been released since 2001, with main focus on EDUCATION through the game, i.e. play and learn.


Present days

We are motivated by the following logic:
1. It is impossible to teach, but you can learn.
2. The desire to learn arises when it becomes interesting.
3. It is interesting when it is understandable. We try to make our products interesting and understandable:
• «Talking pen ZNATOK» and hundreds of books and posters to it;
• Sets «Magic of tricks with Amayak Akopyan»;
Electonic kit ZNATOK;
• Block construction kits ZNATOK ArTeC;
• The amazing construction kits ZNATOK Klikko;
• Interactive sound posters and «live mat».

In 2015 we opened a brand store «ZNATOK», where all our products can be tested at a special playground. In the of the store space it is planned to conduct classes «School of Wizards of Amayak Akopyan» and various workshops.



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Our customers

Goods for the families with preschool and school age children, whose parents are interested in teaching their children foreign languages and developing their creative skills.
It is worth noting that the «Talking Pen ZNATOK» can be interesting for adults who want to learn a new foreign language.



We have a lot of plans. For example, to promote the International Children’s Festival «Science of tricks», to produce computer educational programs, educational cartoons.



ZNATOK PLUS company conducts an active socially significant activity through the charitable fund for children «ZNATOK».